Spiritual Rez: Nationwide Tour

One of the East Coast’s budding reggae bands will embark on 3-month long nationwide tour, from coast to coast.

Spiritual Rez, the Boston based reggae-funk-rock band that actually performed their first professional show in Hilo, Hawai’i, will be captivating live crowds on a lengthy U.S. tour in 2016. The band will be touring in support of their fourth studio album, Setting in the West, set to be released on October 7, 2016.

13892376_10154061110646387_974945627901533763_nThe veteran band has certainly paid their dues to get to this point in their career. With over 13-years of live performances and ten-years of releasing studio albums, Spiritual Rez is on the cusp of breaking through to the upper-echelon of the American Reggae genre.

Over the years, the band has grown with the reggae genre, but on the lesser publicized East Coast of the United States. Although, Spiritual Rez has been at the forefront of the reggae genre, performing with mainstays John Brown’s Body, SOJA, Passafire and numerous others, it was only in the past couple years that the band has made the coast-to-coast trek from their stomping grounds of Boston to Southern California.

Spiritual Rez performs over 100 show dates each year, and the band is more than excited to venture out west, once again. The Island Sound was fortunate enough to speak with Ian Miller, the drummer and one of the three founding members of Spiritual Rez, and he shared in the anticipation to return to the West Coast.

Ian Miller stated, “We are really excited to get back out to California. In the past nine or ten years of touring, we never made it out to California until a year or two ago. But, since the first time out there, we have jumped on a total of three tours in California. And, every time we perform out there, it is way more epic than the last time. We play a slightly different style than the typical roots-reggae band, really highlighting the individual musicians of the band and bringing a real high energy performance. With that, the fans at the shows have really embraced that and the shows have grown bigger and bigger each time.”

Now, Spiritual Rez will be performing at some of the major reggae hotspots in California, such as Long Beach, Los Angeles and San Diego, performing at DiPiazza’s, The Mint and the 710 Beach Club right on the boardwalk in San Diego.

Spiritual Rez is in the midst of their nationwide tour, running from August 25th to November 12th. Some of the major tour stops include their hometown show in Boston on August 26th, Chicago, Phoenix, Long Beach, San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Santa Cruz, Portland, Seattle and multiple Florida dates before the tour finale at the Brighton Music Hall in Massachusetts.

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