Rising Tide: Upcoming Exclusive Interview

The Island Sound will publish an Exclusive Interview with Marcus Urani from Groundation and new project, Rising Tide.

Rising Tide, the new musical project from some of the prominent instrumentalists of Groundation, which includes Marcus Urani (keys/producer), Ryan Newman (bass), Kim Pommel (vocals), Sherida Sharpe (vocals), Kerry Ann Morgan (vocals), Yotam Silberstein (guitarist) and drummer Paul Spina. Rising Tide has come together to release their first self-titled album back on March 18, 2016 via Soulbeat Records. S206-4

During the first live performances from Rising Tide, touring throughout Europe, The Island Sound caught up with producer and keyboardist, Marcus Urani to discuss all things Rising Tide.

In the upcoming interview, Marcus Urani explains how Rising Tide was formed, stating: “It started with a conversation between Kim and I, saying that we should write some songs together. We had a few extra days in California after a tour and had some jam sessions. We wrote “Time Bomb” the first night and decided to record it. We really liked it and saw the potential we had making music together. When I got the guys together and we started working on new material it was apparent that this was going to be something we all enjoyed.”

Marcus continues, “We didn’t know it was going to turn into Rising Tide. We just talked about writing some music together. Once the ideas started flowing and we got everyone together, it was apparent that this was going to be something we could stretch out in different ways and we were excited to start exploring. “

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One of the first tracks on the debut album that jumps out at reggae music listeners is undoubtedly “Let It Out”, featuring Jacob Hemphill, the lead singer from SOJA.

In regards to this particular collaboration, Marcus shares, “I was working on SOJA’s album, Amid the Noise and Haste with Jacob, playing keys, at the time of that recording. I told him I had to stop for eight to ten days because I had a session for a new project. He asked me what it was about, and by the end of that conversation he said, “Cool, send me a song”. We have had a lot of good times hanging together and it was time to collaborate in this way.”

Rising Tide has also given a glimpse of their live show, as the band just released a live video from their European Tour this spring. The song featured in the video is “Whoap”, which Marcus describes as, “targeting musicians to come together and fight a musical battle, with the aim and hope of making a positive change. A recruited army of musicians, through powerful, musical promotions can influence righteousness and positivity. This can impact generations to come, who will become more conscious and aware of negativity and corruption that society is often blinded by.”

More of the topics discussed in the upcoming interview, to be published on May 27th, include touring internationally, as well as returning to the United States to perform, first impressions from the respective crowd at the live shows for Rising Tide, collaborating with jazz guitarist Yotam Silberstein, and what the future holds for Groundation.

All of these topics and many more will be discussed at length in the published interview on Friday, May 27th. Be sure to comeback to read the full-length interview with Marcus Urani.

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