Lyrics to Live By: SOJA – “Open My Eyes”

Inspiration can be found in all forms, including the music that we love. A chorus in our favorite song can be the light we need.

At the heart of reggae music, the lyrics in place have focused on the themes of uplifting, hopeful, loving and faith based inspiration. Think of the power of Bob Marley’s ubiquitous image, music, and lyrics so many years after his death.large

The reason Bob Marley lives so strongly in the public imagination today is because his music and lyrics had a meaningful and positive message. Marley’s music was transformative, aspiring to make the world a better place, and inspire those that listened to his music to achieve a better way of life.

Hope is powerful because it energizes and propels people forward even when the odds are against them. It helps people find innovative ways to work around their constraints. Hope helps people rise above their circumstances.

Both positivity and negativity can help people get through tough times. The difference is that positivity can lead the way toward positive action for a better future. For all of this world’s different cultures, positive lyrics provide a motivating soundtrack.

No matter where you are or at what state of life you reside, begin your week with Lyrics to Live By.

SOJA – “Open My Eyes”

I open my eyes, each morning I rise
to find the truth I know that is there.
I’m lucky to breathe, I’m lucky to feel,
I’m glad to wake up, I’m glad to be here.
With all of this world, and all of its pain,
all of its lies, and all of its let downs…
I still feel a sense of freedom
So glad I’m around.

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