Israel Starr: Interview Preview

The Island Sound will publish an Exclusive Interview with Israel Starr from New Zealand on July 8th.

One of the fastest rising stars in the New Zealand reggae community is Israel Starr. The son of famed Aotearoa music legend, “The Mighty Asterix”, Israel Starr recently followed the musical path of his father after playing professional rugby in Australia. Over the last three-years, Israel Starr has released numerous top ten singles in New Zealand and a compilation album, which debuted at the top spot on the iTunes Reggae Chart. 13237767_1295410087153550_5315807450677318471_n

Israel Starr is the owner and operated of Bless Up Music in New Zealand, housing a plethora of artists and bands, creating a collective for local musicians to utilize an independent outlet for releasing music. Last year, Israel Starr was also a featured collaborator with Sons of Zion on the fellow New Zealand band’s 2015 hit single, “Stuck On Stupid”.

Most recently, Israel Starr released “We’re In This Love”, a remake of the famous Al Jarreau track. Israel Starr’s version features special guest female vocalist, Majic, a member of Starr’s Bless Up Music label.

The recent single was released on digital outlets on June 3rd and an accompanying music video was released on June 22nd.

In the upcoming Exclusive Interview, Israel Starr discusses the collaboration and production behind “We’re In This Love”, how receptive the local New Zealand culture is to reggae music, what location is the first launching point for New Zealand bands and artists to make it in the United States, as well as what the future holds with Israel Starr, including new releases, projects and upcoming tour dates.

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All of these topics and many more will be featured in the full-length, Exclusive Interview with Israel Starr on July 8th, only on The Island Sound.

For more information on Israel Starr, follow the links below.

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Video: Israel Starr – “We’re In This Love” (feat. Majic)

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