Lyrics to Live By: The Gladiators

Setting goals and to obtain those goals, are two separate entities entirely. Often times, all one needs is motivation.

Motivation can be found in all forms. For music lovers, their favorite song can give the listener that extra push to cross their long, sought after finish line. In reggae music, the lyrics of many songs have been a source of motivation for generations. From the plantations of the Caribbean islands in the 1970s to daily work life of today’s working class. 61vDV5f-WLL._SX425_

There might be a goal that you set to achieve, yet their might be something physically, or perhaps, mentality in place as a blockade. Perhaps, it appears there is a mountain to climb to achieve that satisfaction you desire.

For all of this world’s different cultures, positive lyrics provide a motivating soundtrack to push the listener up, and over to the other side of the mountain.

No matter where you are or at what state of life you reside, begin your week with Lyrics to Live By from The Island Sound.

The Gladiators – On the Other Side

Over on the other side of the mountain
There is that fountain, I’ve been searching for
Searching for so long, so long, so long
That’s where righteousness will always flow
Togetherness will ever grow

Say your hands and your heart got to be clean
To reach the other side of the mountain
Say your hands and your heart got to be clean
To reach the other side of the mountain

Music, flowers and children will be there
That’s where everyone will get their equal share

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Video: The Gladiators – “On the Other Side”

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