Music Unites: Reggae Around the World

Volume Six of this charity album features thirty of the top talent and up-and-coming artists and bands in reggae.

Music Unites is musical compilation put together to spread the love and consciousness of reggae music throughout the whole world, giving back the proceeds to children that have lost their music programs in schools and communities due to underfunding. 13100902_789673191163236_3956967768831293812_n

Music Unites describes their mission: “to help build each other up, rather than break each other down. Music is not a competition, and it isn’t just one band that is going to make it. With all of us working together, we not only have the ability to help each other, but we have the ability to change the world. Artists have more power in the world than Politicians. We just have to Unite and Stand for what is right in the world!”

The first ever volume of the Music Unites: Reggae Around the World was released on August 6, 2013, and featured tracks from The Green, Stick Figure, The Black Seeds, Fortunate Youth, Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad, Passafire, Cas Haley, Josh Heinrichs, Natural Vibrations, Kimie, Thrive, Inna Vision, The Expanders, Tomorrows Bad Seeds, and many more!

For the sixth volume, released on April 26th, the compilation features Raging Fyah from Jamaica, Gentleman’s Dub Club from London, Sons of Zion from New Zealand, For Peace Band from Guam, and American-based bands Fortunate Youth, The Movement, Peni Dean, Kimie, Mike Love, Jordan T, The Lions, Hirie, Josh Heinrichs, The Simpkin Project, Madd T-Ray of Tribal Seeds, The Vitals and many more.

The album includes 30-tracks and is available for purchase on all digital outlets for a small donation of $4.99.

For more information on Music Unites and the latest compilation volume, follow the links below.

Music Unites Links

Video: Sons of Zion – “Fill Me Up” (featured on Music Unites, Vol. 6)

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